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3 New ways to give and get noticed

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Sponsors simple go online and enter your own message and make the payment online.


People create and enter their own picture and profile.

Sponsors and People Create And Enter Their Own Ads With Their Own “Click-Through” Contact and Info.

Sponsors place their own ads in text, logo or image. Sponsors pick the price levels you set. Sponsor’s ads load directly in to your Ad Book On Line or wait for your approval.

Ads Logo, Photo or Text Flip or ”Click-Through” to include live-links for Email, Phone, Website, Facebook, LinkedIN and “Read More”

Promote profiles for people. Personal and professional profiles give individuals the chance to get noticed. “Click-And-Flip” people to show their own message, contact info and links to LinkedIN and Facebook.

People pick the level, title and color you create. People load up their own “head-shot” and profiles.

Plus These Other Features For Free
Make Your Own Custom Ad Book On Line

Make Your Own Custom Ad Book On Line

With These Additional Features For Free
Make your own custom home page. Add as many pages
in the “About” section. Have people upload photos*.
Create events including Google Maps

Custom Home Page



Photo Gallery


Customized email receipts.

Set Your Own Pricing And Levels

Easy Dashboard and Simple Reports

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We help you Raise Money in 3 New Ways: Sponsors, People Profile and photos.

Sponsors AND Donors give to be recognized and features as donors in your do-it-yourself custom online ad book. Custom receipts can be from your recognized charity (With a copy to you).

Share With Family And Friends, Post online or Link through your website. No Tech-knowhow Needed.

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Easy Dashboard And Simple Reports